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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1 - In what way can Techibee help me?

Techibee provides online technical support for several electronic gadgets. For long-term support from our experts, you can subscribe to our services at a reasonable cost.

2 - How can I contact Techibee?

You can call us by phone, send us an email, or have a cook online chat with us. Customers can just text their queries over chat. We have our experts monitoring the phones and chats 24/7 to give instant responses.

3 - How do you resolve issues?

We ask for your consent before accessing your system remotely using a highly secure Screen Connect Software. Once you approve of this, our technical experts apply the remote computer repair method to diagnose and resolve your problems.

4 - I have already approached you, will you recognize me?

If you are an existing customer, just mention your order or receipt number for our reference when you contact us the next time. We will get back with all the details about the service provided to you and offer extended support.

5 - What is the payment procedure?

Once our technical experts resolve the issue, the payment gateway link will be attached to your personal computer. Once you complete the payment process successfully, a receipt along with the order number will be generated for your reference.

6 - Is the payment process is safe with Techibee?

Yes, the credentials you use to make the payment is encrypted to prevent any fraudulent activities. Also, the data that you provide while availing technical support from us is kept safe with us because we value your privacy. We do not share any information collected from the customers with any third-party company.

7 - Will you resolve any hardware related issues?

We do our best to resolve issues related to any product via remote access. However, some hardware issues cannot be resolved by the remote computer repair method, and require an on-site technician to fix it.

8- How to request a refund?

If you are not contented with the technical service provided by us or if the issue recurs within a period of 30 days after solving it, you can request for a refund. Contact us directly via phone and state the reason for the refund request along with the receipt ID. You can also email us the order or receipt ID with a valid reason for the refund. After reviewing your refund request, we will get back to you soon as early as possible. We process all genuine refund requests within 10 days.

9- Why should I trust Techibee?

We are one of the best online technical support service providers. The data that you provide at the time of online technical support is secure with us. Also, the payment procedure is very confidential. We use a Remote Assistance tool only for providing online service, with your approval.

10 - Are you providing free technical support?

Pay once for availing a subscription package, and you can avail free service from our technical experts until the validity of the subscription expires.