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How To Remove A Bid On Ebay

eBay transactions are legally binding, so you need to be cautious when you are selling. When it comes to bidding, always make sure that you bid for the right product at the right price. For most of the bidding process, the transition is quite smooth, but at times, things do not go according to your plan.

So, it is safe to know how to remove a bid on eBay in simple steps. In terms of eBay, removing a bid is what you do as a buyer. Canceling an eBay bid is what you do as a seller (both seem to be quite common but are different in eBay Terms and Conditions).

How To Remove A Bid On Ebay

You must note that there are only a few criteria that will allow you to retract a bid:

  • When the product information is different after placing a bid
  • You bid for an amount different from the one you had in mind
  • The seller does not respond after the bid is placed

Here are the simple steps to cancel/remove a bid on eBay.

  • Open the default browser on your computer.
  • Click the address bar and type the URL for eBay.
  • Log in to your eBay account.
  • Browse through the page and click the bid canceling page for sellers option.
  • Once the page opens, you will read Canceling bids placed on your listing.
  • Enter the Item number in the respective field based on the bid you placed.
  • Enter the User ID in the second field.
  • In the Reason for cancellation field, type a reason that would suit the criteria mentioned in this article.
  • Click the Cancel bid button to confirm.

You have successfully read the steps to remove/cancel a bid on eBay. If you have difficulty following this article, click the CALL button on this page for remote assistance.